Poetical action for an audience of very little kids (from 2 to 5)

Teatrimperfetti/Maria Ellero production
by Maria Ellero
with Andrea De Luca singer/actor and Maria Ellero dancing/actress
scenery Antonello Canale
illustrations Felipe Risco


A woman and a man meet in an empty space.
The space is really empty and you feel the need to fill it.
She starts to dance.
He starts to sing.
The space is less empty.
But maybe something is still missing and the woman and the man try to find it singing and dancing.
Is it the song that calls the dance?
Is the dance that unravels within the song?
And what is going to happen if they race to dance and sing the fastest?
And then it happens: the body lulls the voice and the song protects the dance.
The space is not empty anymore.
Now someone else can come.
But who?
Maybe if we search together, if we call together with a loud song, whispered, capable to jump and a dance still, running and able to call…maybe someone very little made of dance and singing will come.



BACKSTAGE FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna

EXTRA FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna


Tech Rider

Space of the performance:  6m x 6m
Installation: 3 h
Dismantling: 1 h and 30 minutes
Duration of the show: 35 min
80 kids maximum and no limits of adults

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