Poetical action for an audience of very little kids (from 2 to 5)

Teatrimperfetti/Maria Ellero production
by Maria Ellero
with Andrea De Luca singer/actor and Maria Ellero dancing/actress
scenery Antonello Canale
illustrations Felipe Risco


A woman and a man meet in an empty space.
The space is really empty and you feel the need to fill it.
She starts to dance.
He starts to sing.
The space is less empty.
But maybe something is still missing and the woman and the man try to find it singing and dancing.
Is it the song that calls the dance?
Is the dance that unravels within the song?
And what is going to happen if they race to dance and sing the fastest?
And then it happens: the body lulls the voice and the song protects the dance.
The space is not empty anymore.
Now someone else can come.
But who?
Maybe if we search together, if we call together with a loud song, whispered, capable to jump and a dance still, running and able to call…maybe someone very little made of dance and singing will come.



BACKSTAGE FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna

EXTRA FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna


Tech Rider

Space of the performance:  6m x 6m
Installation: 3 h
Dismantling: 1 h and 30 minutes
Duration of the show: 35 min
80 kids maximum and no limits of adults

Je t’appelle

je t'appelle

Je t’appelle

Action poétique de chant et danse pour un public à partir de 2 ans

production Teatrimperfetti/Maria Ellero
de Maria Ellero
avec Andrea De Luca: acteur/chanteur et Maria Ellero: actrice/danseuse
mise en scène
Antonello Canale
images Felipe Risco


Une femme et un homme se rencontrent dans un espace vide.
L’espace est très vide et on ressent le besoin de le remplir.
Survient une danse de l’actrice.
Survient un chant de l’acteur.
L’espace est moins vide.
Mais il manque encore peut-être quelque chose et la femme et l’homme s’efforcent de le rechercher avec le chant, avec la danse.
Est-ce le chant qui appelle la danse?
La danse se met-elle en mouvement dans le chant?
Ainsi nait une compétition à qui danse ou chante le plus vite.
Et puis il arrive que le corps berce la voix et que le chant protège la danse.
L’espace n’est plus vide.
Maintenant quelqu’un d’autre peut arriver. Mais qui?
Peut-être, si on cherche ensemble, si on appelle ensemble avec un chant à haute voix, murmuré, qui sait sauter et une danse qui ne bouge pas, court et sait appeler… peut-être quelqu’un de très petit arrivera, fait de danse et de chant.



BACKSTAGE FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna

EXTRA FESTIVAL “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro” – Bologna


Notes techniques

Espace scénique : 6X6
Montage : 3 heures
Démontage : 1h30
Durée du spectacle : 35 minutes
Capacité maximum de 60 enfants, non limitée pour les adultes.

Song of the soul

canto dell'anima


Show of theatre/dance and painting

An co-production Viva Opera Circus – Teatrimperfetti/ Maria Ellero

actor/painter Gianni Franceschini

actress/dancer Maria Ellero

images elaboration Andrea Nalin

scene director Gianni Volpe


from 3 years



At its origin the theatre, that theatre linked to the depth of being, to the ancestral values of human beings, was based on gestures, on the rhythm of natural events, on the vital instincts of human being. Before the words began to have a meaning the code of nature made it possible for human beings to communicate among them and with the world, almost looking for and maybe finding the deepest meaning of life. The breadth, the touch, the heart pulse, the body and its specific movements together with the noises, the sounds, the flavours, the colours and the signs of the environment are the protagonists of communication and expression experiences eternal in their power and value. An itinerary of research around the human being starts, a research on its internal resonators, on its gestures, expressions, postures, on the signs made in the air that materialize in colours, figures, images. A music score springs up, silent but forceful, strong by the body energy, by the colour, the internal deep listening. A story builds up, a story told by the silence, by the poetry of mystery, by the almost magic power of rite and art. The painting, the dance, the coded gestures of poetical fragments unify into a universal, silent SONG of the SOUL.


Starting from a dramaturgic work on the text “Love tale” by H.Hesse an actor/painter and an actress/dancer realize a show event, a theatrical performance. The structure is made of pictorial elements realized live by the painter, danced parts and gestural acts of the dancer. The marvellous Hesse’s story becomes an opportunity to evoke, in an ethereal silence, those sounds, noises, vital elements that rouse the action, the life of every one of us up to the point to come to the encounter, to the communication and communion, as it happens in the fantastic story of the writer.