Little Coloured Movements

Little Coloured Movements

Poetical action for really little babies

a Teatrimperfetti/Maria Ellero production

by and with Maria Ellero dancing/actress & Gianni Franceschini painter/actor

Little coloured movements

A blank space, a big sheet. A body over the sheet. A painter comes in and starts to prepare the colours and to think on how to make it alive. The colour moves to give shape. The body moves to find a position (posture: posizione nello spazio o sua postura?) Poetical action on the sign. From nothing to everything if we move to give a meaning to the sign. As the sign lives in the movement of the colour and of the dancing body. The small moving signs are those the children mark every time they discover the world, every time they feel loved and supported in their discovery, every time they are brave enough to make a new movement. In this way the dancing body will be guided and helped by the painter’s colours while discovering the space it lives in, metaphor of the life itself. The movements originate from the curiosity, from the need to touch, to smell, from the desire to play, to do things, to look, to listen, to understand, to enthuse and to grow up, more and more. Eventually the white space will become a painting that can remain where it has been created…as a small sign of experienced life.


Versione italiana – Version française


Note tecniche

Età: 2 – 5 anni.
Esigenze tecniche:

Spazio scenico: 6 X 6 
: 2 ore
: 1 ora
Durata dello spettacolo:
 35 min
 max  60 bambini e capienza max adulti libera
Disposizione del pubblico:
 il pubblico dei bambini va disposto sui tre lati del foglio su un’unica fila. Il pubblico adulto si posizionerà sulla gradinata. Eventuali genitori di bambini molto piccoli potranno stare vicino al bambino.



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