Red nose

Red nose

Project between theatre and dance for a Red Nose and a dancing actress

red nose
 2 – 5 years
Teatrimperfetti/Maria Ellero production
in co-operation with the Rassegna Teatrale “Piccoli Pianeti” of  Teatro Spazio Reno of Calderara of Reno
featuring Maria Ellero
objects on the stage by Gianni Franceschini, Enrico Guerra, Andrea Nalin and Sandra Pagliarani
lights Eva Bruno
 25 minutes

A small squared space.
A small space, the interior of a world.
A small space inside which a big Red Nose is sleeping in a small bed.
Outside the small space a big suitcase.

How to persuade a Red Nose, big but small though, to get out of his small space, that for him is big anyway.
The dancing actress will enter this small space with a big suitcase, as a necessary spot where to get ready to come out.
She will wear the big Red Nose to start a journey together.
But the Red Nose loves its small bed and has no intention of getting out.
The dancing actress will find a way to persuade him showing what is in the suitcase, small reproductions of the marvels you can find in the outside world.

A theatre without words  and a dance full of theatre.
A silence to contain sounds, noises, expectations, pursuits, glances, games.
A silence suitable to be filled by the feeble voices of the public…whose voice would be that of the big but small Red Nose if he were a talking Nose.



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